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Gold Field Enterprises (H.K.) Co., Ltd. is a well-established trading company founded in 1986. Currently, Gold Field has three solely-owned subsidiaries and four production plants. Its business covers importation of raw chemical materials and exportation of underwear products, packaging products, and food additives etc. In this early history, Gold Field focused on leather chemical products. Gold Field has established strategic partnerships with many international companies in and effort to develop a leather chemical products’ market in China. Some of these partners include Germany ZSCHIMMER, Germany TFL, Germany LANXESS and America ATLAS. Since then, Gold Field has won the sole distribution right for several famous international leather chemical products in China. Some major products include “. Slovenia TANIN SEVNICA—chestnut tanning extract” “Italy MODERN—Finishing” “Spain LFT—Fatliquors of GREEN WICH brand” and “India PIDILITE—Acrylic filler”.

Quanzhou Keen Field Enterprises Co.,Ltd. established in 2000,was the first wholly owned subsidiary of Gold Field Enterprises(H.K.)Co., Ltd. Gold Field focuses on the marketing and sales of imported leather chemical products that are distributed by Gold Field Enterprises(H.K.)Co., Ltd. in China; as well as the export of Carrageenan, a food additives product manufactured by Greenwich (China) Technology Development Limited. Following the successful marketing of imported products for which Gold Field is the sole distributor in China, the company looks forward to oversea market. The Company has set up production plants for the manufacture of underwear products and packaging products and has successfully opened up oversea market. Gold Field Enterprises(H.K.)Co., Ltd. has its own Import and Export Department , The six offices of the Import Department have proved themselves to be the major forces in the sales of the company’s products in China ; The Export Department, on other hand , has established itself as a new force in an active development of oversea market for its products.

Greenwich (China) Technology Development Limited was established in 2003 and is another wholly owned subsidiary of Gold Field Enterprises (H.K.) Co., Ltd. It specializes in food additives products production-colloid products. Lubao (Quanzhou) Biochemistry Co, Ltd which was founded by Greenwich (China) Technology Development Limited, specializes in the production of Carrageenan, an environment-friendly food additive that is being sold worldwide. Entering the 21ST century, we witness a rapidly growing food industry in China and oversea. This leads to a tremendous increase in the demand of food additives products. In September 2007, Greenwich (China) Technology Development Limited invests USD12.8 million to set up “Green Fresh (Fujian) foodstuff Co., Ltd.” in Fujian. The company is equipped with modernized production facilities that follow international standard, as well as advanced management skill. All these developments have brought the company to a new milestone in terms of production technology, production scale, and management standard.

“Start from base , continuous seek for improvement ”. Since its establishment, Gold Field Enterprises (H.K.) Co., Ltd. has complied with its motto of “aggressive innovation, customer satisfaction ” and has always believed in “technology leadership , credibility , quality , and continuous innovation ”. The company firmly follows its corporate culture-to improve the company core competency, to build a good corporate image, to contribute to social harmony, and realize the mutual development of enterprise and society.

  • Gold Field Enterprises (H.K.) Co., Ltd
  • Room 905,Cheung Tat Centre,18 Cheung Lee Street, Chai Wan, H.K.
  • 852-0-25129332
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  • Adrian Lau (export clerk)
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